Thursday, December 13, 2007

Behind The Scenes at The Coney Island Overhaul Shop

The New York City Transit Museum has sent out a preview list of behind the scenes transit tours being offered this winter. While the Transit Museum's own site has not yet been updated for the winter, the preview list can be read online on the New York City travel site Newyorkology.

The most hyped tour is "The Jewel in the Crown: Old City Hall Station," a tour of the city's long closed original subway station. Arguably more interesting, however, is the January 29th tour of the Coney Island subway overhaul shop and repair yard.

The overhaul shop and repair yard are part of the The New York City Transit Complex at Coney Island, one of the continent's largest transportation facilities. The complex dates back to 1926, and handles the repair and overhaul of thousands of subway cars.

Transit Museum adds tours of repair yards, old City Hall [New Yorkology]

- post by Ben Nadler

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