Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coney Vid: 1905 Vintage Never Seen Before Coney Footage

Watch some great never-before-seen Coney footage from the turn of the century as school girls take an adventurous trip out to Coney Island.

A Trip to Coney Island 1905

Miss Knapp's young ladies from the Select School are taking a trip to Coney Island. Here they come out of their Posh Brooklyn Brownstone dorm. Miss Knapp looks like she runs a tight ship. They hired a charabang to get them there. Who ever would have thought that people getting into a vehicle could be entertaining? Look at the size of that thing. Look at the size of those dresses! Its like the ever classic 'Clown Car' in reverse. READ MORE OF THIS WONDERFUL SYNOPSIS

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Anonymous said...


my thesis-project about Coney Island:


Anonymous said...

Sad to think that 100% of those people having all that fun are long dead.

Anonymous said...

Ive seen this several months ago, hardly "never before seen" (i git yr point tho, just being nitpicky)

Anonymous said...

How friggin cool is that?