Friday, May 15, 2009

Coney Event: View Divers In Coney Waters Live

The Cultural Research Divers Mission conducts their Classroom on the Pier Research Diving program, this morning, on the Steeplechase Pier in Coney Island. Participants hear discussion on relics and underwater explorations of the Coney Island waters. 30 school kids from South Richmond High Staten Island, will be attending the show.

The Cultural Research Divers Mission:

Join us for an Exploratory Dive off
The Steeplechase Pier-Take An Underwater Look at Coney Island!

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In this very interesting video you can also catch the recently discussed
horeshoe crabs
VEIW the
2006 Research Diving Photos

Coney Island is where educators, environmentalists, historians and commercial divers gather to contribute their expertise to this one-of-a-kind, live, interactive classroom. Come by and explore with us as we discover together the rich,underwater heritage Coney Island holds. You will be amazed at what lies in these waters, from the tropical marine life, to its historic treasures. You can see it all at Classroom on the Pier.

Commercial Divers Gene Ritter and Lenny Speregen will give you a unique look at their underwater expedition, from above--on a monitor showing it all, Live! Kids and adults alike are always fascinated by what they find. Learn a bit of Archaeology, Marine Biology, History, some of the concerns of our local ecosystem--and about
the diving equipment the divers use to "Go Below".

The Cultural Research Divers Mission
Classroom on the Pier
Research Diving
TODAY Friday May 15
11 am till 2 pm

on the Steeplechase Pier

Cultural Research Divers
Welcome! We're commercial divers who have made historic underwater discoveries, many in Coney Island, Brooklyn. We bring our knowledge and love of the ocean to all.

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