Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thor's Festival Is Still A Flea Market By The Sea!

Thor Equities event for Coney Island, 'Festival by the Sea' has a little red plane pulling a banner displaying the festival's logo. As silversalty a Flickr user points out in a comment on a Flickr picture page, if you view the static non-flash home page (without using javascript) the banner reads the 'Flea by the Sea' logo. Regardless, the festival is technically still is a flea market with 'entertainment'. Whether the added entertainment is how Thor Equities was able to get to bring their flea market to the C7 zone, no one seems to have the right answer. Expect it is has been said that Thor Equities was not approved by the city when applying for permit to bring in a flea market. So they added the entertainment, called it a Festival, and forgot to change the static home page logo.

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