Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coney Events: Coney Icons Exhibit

The Coney Island History Project announces their Landmarks of Coney Island exhibit. "Coney Island Icons: The Story Behind the Landmarks of the World's Playground."

From CIHP:
Archival and contemporary photos, documents, anecdotes, interview, souvenirs and artifacts are used to tell the story of Coney Island's four city landmarks---The Cyclone Roller Coaster, Wonder Wheel, Parachute Jump and Childs Building. The exhibition is curated by Charles Denson, CIHP Executive Director, noted historian and the author of the award-winning book Coney Island: Lost and Found.

The Coney Island History Project has done a first-rate performance in preserving the memories and the glorious history our beloved Coney Island. For those who come here with their strong power and promise to make the future of Coney Island a wonderful place again need to take a better into its history. They need to understand that Coney Island has always been about amusements. And a lot of amusements from many amusement operators working side-by-side. If those with the power don't understand that and attempt to change that, then they do not respect Coney's history nor care about the specialness that has made Coney Island...Coney Island.

To view more information on the Coney Island Icons exhibit visit the
Coney Island History Project website and don't forget to visit the exhibit under the Cyclone Rollercoaster.

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