Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Newly Boardwalk Repair Work Screwed Up

"There is an interesting thing going with the new boardwalk in front of Ruby’s Bar & Grill, Nathan’s boardwalk stall, and other businesses. They already need to refix the board planks”, said our friend Ruby’s Host. The very recent buzz on the Coney Island boardwalk that underwent extensive plank replacements over an introduction of concrete slabs for extra support may have to be redone next year for a screw-up with the screws.

After three weeks of putting planks down in between rain showers a few weeks ago, it now seems some of the planks are popping out of place. The recent going-ons on the boardwalk, observed by Ruby's Host, also said, “a few contractors were there today asking why the new boardwalk hasn't been inspected”

Apparently they were using the wrong screw sizes of only 3 inches. And the screws were not approved by the City. The contractors mentioned a screw called Taonic or tonic (no, not Taconic). “They are heavy duty, long-lasting, and used for screwing into concrete. But instead the screws used on the planks barely go into the concrete underneath the boards after the rubbers stuff before”, said Ruby’s Host. She also said they are predicting the boardwalk will need to be redone next year.

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