Monday, May 18, 2009

New Coney Blog: Amusing The Zillion

Here comes a new Coney Island blog that shows promise. One brought to you by a seasoned carny person and writer. The author has already been one of the most active Coney lovers on the Internet on the Coney Island USA message board. And on the inside from the Coney Island History Project. She is Tricia Vita. Who was probably inspired to start her own Coney Island blog after the passing of one Coney's voices, Bob Guskind of the Gowanus Lounge. In addition...(humbly speaking) this blog has not been able to step up to the plate, as of yet. Tricia was compelled to continue speaking out and express herself about her much loved Coney Island through her own blog: "Amusing the Zillion".

In here bio, Tricia writes:
Today I’m a New York-based writer who spends the summer working in Coney Island. This season you’ll find me running a game on Jones Walk, helping out at the Coney Island History Project’s exhibition center under the Cyclone, or having a beer at Ruby’s or Cha Cha’s.

I’m a contributing editor of
Games: The Magazine for Creative Minds at Play. My articles about Coney Island have appeared in Islands, Preservation and Metropolis, among others. I’ve also written for amusement industry trade publications Amusement Business and IAAPA Funworld.

Tricia Vita

Good luck Tricia on your new Coney blog, though you probably won't be needing it much because you already have all the ingredients to offer a wonderful place about Coney Island and the amusement world to the community.

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Tricia said...

It has been an exciting first day for ATZ! Thank you for your generosity, Omar. Both Kinetic Carnival and Gowanus Lounge have been an inspiration as well as a great source of information about what actually happened here in Coney over the past few years.

It’s true, after Bob Guskind's death, I realized that I'd have to launch my own Coney Island blog this season. I used to send him my photos from flickr for Gowanus Lounge. I also started blogging on my flickr so it was time. When something crazy happens like Thor Equities tents being the wrong tents and having to be removed, I think, oh, Bob would have loved this story. He’s probably laughing right now up there in bloggers heaven!