Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preaching On The F Train

Showman and activist, Reverend Billy Talen, who is running for NYC Mayor with the Green Party, is leading the way for an F Train fare hike whistle stop subway tour! This should be a grand spectacle as the Reverend knows how to do them. The Reverend who has been a big presence in Coney Island fighting for the underdog against big corporate take over has preached for saving Coney Island. Despite some local city officials promising to stop the fare hike, the city has approved increases in fare and tolls in New York City.

"F The Fare Hike" Whistle Stop Tour begins at 11am at the Fort Hamilton station in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Reverend Billy Talen and his team will ride the full length of the F train commute from Brooklyn to Queens, speaking and singing to commuters. The “F The Fare Hike” crusade will make stops at its campaign headquarters in SoHo, hold a mid-day press conference at Rockefeller Plaza, and travel to Jamaica, Kew Gardens, and then back to Coney Island.

View all the info on the whistle stop tour here.

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