Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coney Vid: Coney Experienced Through The Eyes Of The Deaf

Most of us take for granted the sights, sounds, and smells of Coney Island, but for some the sound is turned down low or off. This video is narrated through the American Sign Language.

Note: If you read sign language, please translate for us and add in comment for this post. Thank you!

ASL Across America with Keith Wann - Episode 4

Today's stop, Coney Island, NYC. Come spend the day with your host Keith Wann and he travels ASL Across America and stops in Coney Island. Sponsored by

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Emilia Lorenti-Wann said...

Thank you for picking this up.
Keith Wann is an American Sign Language comic he is saying "Hello ASL across America. WE are here at Coney Island here at the famous wooden Roller coaster, one of the oldest ones in the USA. We are here in NY where they are talking about changing the face of this area. So hurry up and get out here! Ride the Cyclone! Come ride it is F-U-N. Hurry get out for the 2009 Summer season.Hopefully it isn't the last year. We would like to thank our sponsor
See you out there ASL across America. If you have a wonderful place I we should visit email us at

I'm here with ASL Across America and I am HUNGRY! and when you are hungry while at Coney Island you HAVE to go to the world famous Nathans hot dogs where the Hot Dog eating contest happens. While I'm here I'll just have 2 I need to excerise at least that's what my friend Wormy advised. As you saw when we paned over this scene I am standing in the spot where on July 4th the contestants will eat, remember that skinny guy from Japan and the husky American guy and they will try to eat appx 70 hot dog in 12 mins. I want you! to come out come on Deaf People!Let the next winner beat the Hearing folks. I've seen you eat. My Deaf Mom included I've seen you Mom! I'll see you all at the next location.

Hi I'm here at the amusement park here in Coney Island. We've been on the Cyclone, Wonder Wheel and have had some hot dogs here in NY.It is worth your time! When you get to NY hop on the F or N train or any other train that gets you to Coney Island. See you when you get here!!! Look I think someone just threw up?!?!?! Bye?!?

We just left Coney Island and just a few hundred yard away we walked across the street to the famous Mural painted by Gemeos. Take notice. We've seen other artist use Gemeos style in their eyes. So after all the fun at Coney Island take a serious moment to take in some art.

Crom: Hello ASL across America I'm here with keith in NY riding the cyclone now we are taking in some art