Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bloomberg Cheers Marty’s Pro-Amusementness

After Borough President Marty Markowitz stands up for the city’s plan to protect Coney Island from big box retail and developer vulnerability, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg gives him praise for his recommendations.

Bloomberg said when commending Marty Markowitz on his recommendations for the city’s plan to revitalize Coney Island:

"Coney has always been a place where families of every economic means could come to play and to dream. It’s where I spent summers as a child and remains an essential part of childhood for generations of children past, present and future. It’s not about profits, it’s about families".

For pro-amusement-like minds, this is a step in the right direction. For those who wish big development to come to Coney without staying true to what Coney Island has been throughout its history is in tune with the same type of thinkers who helped bring about a boring public park space that you could see anywhere else, subsidized housing that you have everywhere else, another airport where you have enough, big box stores where you could put somewhere else in Brooklyn, another abandoned lot which is an eye sore, another expressway where we have enough, more condo towers where there are too much, a freight yard that should be covered, a truck facility that should be left for an industrial zoned area, and another mall where we have enough!

That is what has happened to all of New York City’s past amusement parks!

Here is a list of NYC’s past amusement parks and what has happened to them now. The information posted on the Coney Island USA message board by frequent and informative poster, Switchback.

Even though Coney Island as a whole is what we are trying to protect. Coney Island has already suffered losses of its own amusement parks to these similar downfalls:

Steeplechase Park turned into a minor-league baseball stadium, Astroland Park turned into a temporary parking lot and temporary weekend-only flea market, and Luna Park turned into Luna Houses.

Mayor Commends B’klyn BP for Coney Recommendations [Brooklyn Dailey Eagle]


ConeyRocks said...

Get ready for the new Times Square in Brooklyn Omar. It will be a huge success just as Times Square has become.

Just give Coney a little time. Permanent development won't happen overnight. Once we are past August and Recchia wins in the Council the progress will begin.

Meanwhile Thor and the city will each be putting its best foot forward this summer for the Council vote, so the Circus and Festival By the Sea will make it a very enjoyable Coney summer.

I absolutely love what I am seeing. Rezoning is doing exactly what its supposed to be doing for Coney. After 6 years of the CIDC we are finally coming to a decisive conclusion. And we have Domenic to thank. He even started it all by promising to bring in development and attract big developers to Coney is his campaign years ago (pre CIDC). A man of his word!

Thank the Good Lord! Coney adores Domenic. Go to a CB13 meeting and you will see it. He is accomplishing amazing things for Brooklyn.

Bruce aka Capt_Nemo said...

I went to CB13 meetings, you werent there, nor was Reechia.

In what wild imagination of craziness does a flea market make coney island great? do you need bootleg cd's and tube socks so much?

Coney Island doesnt have to be like Times Square, for #1, tourists wont come to Coney from the city, when Times Square is closer, #2 Coney Island is bigger then Times Square. Times Square wishes it could be Coney, like everything in life, you have everything backwards.

Still yearning for a place to eat closer then Starret City? Too bad you allowed your community board to shut down all those fine restaurants in your neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay to build all those lovely empty condos.