Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sitt's Setbacks Gets In'Tents'...or Not!

Images credits - left: Bess Adler, middle and right: Captain_Nemo

It seems Thor Equities couldn't care less. They're having tent problems as well as ride operators most likely leaving them stranded. They are now forced to close later due to these setbacks as well as the reported rain. As reported by the Brooklyn Paper and Ruby's Bar & Grill site: Thor's setbacks may have them blushing.

Brooklyn Paper reported:

In an embarrassing setback, Coney Island's would-be savior, developer Joe Sitt, has postponed the highly publicized grand opening of rides, freak shows and vendors this weekend.

Sitt's "Festival by the Sea" has been hyped for months and will still open this weekend in Coney Island, but noly half of the 25 rides will be on hand at the West 10th Street and Surf Avenue site. (Sittland East / former Astroland site) Sitt's bazaar of food, crafts and knickknack vendors will be nearby, but they will be exposed to the elements because of a ten mishap.

Dianna Carlin (Lola Staar), who was carelessly kicked out of Coney Island by Thor Equities and the MTA told the paper: "Amusements aren't his industry. He obviously doesn't have the necessary experience in the amusement business."

Stefan Friedman, Thor Equities spokesperson recently told this blog that up to 25 rides will be definitely coming to Coney Island by May 15th. With only about three rides (Ring of Fire, Scrambler, and the Himalaya) parked at Coney at the moment,and the weekend already started,it sure looks like they are falling short of their promise and speculated.

The impending rain has also caused a delay in opening. The rain date

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