Friday, May 01, 2009

The Bids Are On Again For Coney Beach Adventures

Bids have been solicited in hopes to bring a 'beach adventure park' for Coney Island. But it isn’t the first time. If no bids are gained Coney could be left with the same banana boat served frozen.

New York City’s Department of Parks & Recreation put out bids for the third time in hopes of bringing adventurous and quite unsafe attractions to the Coney Island beach. The banana boats that were previously considered are not on the list per-se but will still be welcomed. The last proposals by the city were in 2005 and again in 2007 to no avail.

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The NY Daily News reports:

Parks Department officials began soliciting bids Wednesday for a Beach Adventure park on the sand near Steeplechase Pier that could also include giant inflatable slides, trampolines, climbing walls and trapeze swings.

The bids are due in my May 22 but the city may be coming up empty again. It’s quite difficult to imagine these activities being set up in Coney Island. For one, the safety issue could buckle anything trying to actually materialize and make possible.

"Why not?" said Spiegel. "They do stuff like that in the Bahamas. I don't see why you couldn't do it in Coney Island."

Without trying to sound cynical, Coney Island isn’t the Bahamas and the waters here are not the perky blue there. Also it seems obvious that there is much more involved to prepare the beach and shoreline for these activities.

"We want the biggest, baddest inflatable rides you've ever seen," said
Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Julius Spiegel to the NY Daily News.

Why not? Inflatables are hot items thanks to Thor Equities!

Parks Department begins soliciting bids for new Coney Island [NY Daily News]

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Anonymous said...

If you would design something that would operate on the Beach, what would you consider to be a great attraction? I agree about the Water activites and dont beleive anyone would consider doing Banana Boats or Paddle Boats, but there is a possability for something to happen and bring some rides and entertainment to the area.