Thursday, April 30, 2009

PB Markowitz Guarantees Glitz! Bling bling?...Forgetaboutdit!

Issuing a breakdown of his full recommendation report to the City Planning Commission that past April 30th, Borough President, Marty Markowitz approves the city's current rezoning and redevelopment plans for Coney Island, yet differs on a small number of issues. He compiled a list of recommendations.

Summary of Recommendations:
1. More Amusements: Increase Amusements in Coney Island Special District
2. Guarantee Glitz: Create Design Committee to Ensure Awe-Inspiring Architecture
3. Build With Coney, By Coney, For Coney: Build in Community Opportunities: Local Jobs, Housing, Rewards and Resources

Guarantee Glitz: Create Design Committee to Ensure Awe-Inspiring Architecture
Coney Island has always been known for its awe-inspiring architecture and ambiance—the famous Luna Park was fondly described as “Electric Eden.” The recommendations call for establishing a Coney Island Design Committee charged with ensuring the development of the Coney Island amusement area (i.e. the Special Coney Island District) remains unique, creative and iconic with regard to elements such as architecture, signage, lighting and the preservation of appropriate buildings and amusements, as well as the upholding of certain aesthetic values for thrilling, over-the-top design both now and in the future.

Markowitz will have to have plenty of faith for the city since it hasn't been able to complete a much simpler promise they kept shouting since 2007. That certain 'bling bling' that Markowits asked the city to do after the Parachute Jump lighting simply didn't happen.

The full statement can be read in its entirety at the Coney Island USA message board.


Bruce aka Capt_Nemo said...

He always has said... more amusements. Remember, Thor promises a token amusement park that someone else will build and he will collect rent from, before he chases it off his land so he can build more condo towers.

Rocco L. Morello said...

I like amusements, but I would like original rides not just carnival. They should hire Disney or Universal to design.