Monday, May 04, 2009

Marty Makes Good With CB13's Blunder

The Coney Island revitalization-plan baton has been passed on by Marty Markowitz to the City planning commission with a couple of repairs. After passing through the community board 13 and sprouting a few advisory stipulation blunders, the city’s plan landed on the lap of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz where he cut two of their twenty recommendations and added some glitz.

Marty opposed a recent recommendation by CB13 that called for an increase in retail space which would allow big box retail. A change from 250 square feet to 10,000 square feet along the strip on Surf Avenue.

Another provision that came out of the CB13 rezoning hearing was to eliminate the city’s safeguard of 12 acres of parkland to protect it from the wrong kind of development in the future. Marty also recommended this provision against parkland to be axed out as well.

On top of it all, Marty wants to sprinkle the glam of glitz over the island by calling to put in place a design committee to ensure that any future development come with that over-the-top-honky-tonk look and quality. He also demands MORE AMUSEMENTS! Go Marty go!

The parkland and retails-space changes by Marty go directly against the wishes of Thor Equities who lobbied to win over CB13 officials. However, it now is clear they failed to win over Marty. In a tool to woe Marty, Thor Equities included in a pitch book illustrating their big-box retail dreams for Coney Island.

Brownstoner reported:
According to a pitch book that a tipster tells us was used to (unsuccessfully) lobby Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, the kind of tenants Thor is dreaming about for Coney include such charming mom-and-pops as Toys R Us, Bass Pro Shops and the Hard Rock Cafe. Gag us with a spoon!

At least Marty knows what’s good for Coney. Especially, in the eyes of Coney lovers and pro-amusement enthusiasts. However, some feel that what Coney Island really needs is a pure money-making fix for a useless pocket of the city.

A pro-Thor commentator on the
Brownstoner blog feels that the area “desperately needs an infusion of cash” He said, “Many people are very nostalgic about Coney Island - but when was the last time anybody went there beside the Mermaid parade?”

So if we’re going to feel like gagging about a 'Toy’s-R-Us' or a 'Pier 1' in Coney, he recommends we keep our gag reflects to a minimum.

The baton is now being passed to City Planning officials which have 60 days to accept the plan and add their own recommendations. It’s expected to receive a few minor scratches before being tossed onto the City Council for approval.

Markowitz tosses two controversial boons to Thor Equities [NY Daily News]


ConeyRocks said...

"before being tossed onto the City Council for approval."

Where Domenic wins for Coney and Brooklyn.

ConeyRocks said...

I really want you guys to fight all the way through the council vote. Fight and Fight and Fight! To your heart's content!

Then watch Domenic win.

Bruce aka Capt_Nemo said...

Gee, no diatrabe about how thor is coney island's savior? changing your tune cause you know thor is losing? cb13 rejected thor, markowtize rejected thor, cidc rejected thor.

if reechia voted for thor, well, he will be shown he no longer represents coney island but sitt.