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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dilapidated Boardwalk Causes Yet Another Injury

While the New York Post didn't do the best job of covering last night's canceled meeting (the "Coney 'Ire'-Land" headline was a little tortured, to say the least), they continue to do a fantastic job of keeping on top of the sad situation of the boardwalk at Coney Island. The Post's November 19 write up of the most recent boardwalk related injury was brought to our attention by the keen eye of Gowanus Lounge.

The New York Post reported:

Another person in Coney Island says she's walked the plank - becoming at least the eighth victim to be injured falling through the boardwalk of Brooklyn's famed but rotting landmark in the past two years.

Linda Schoenholz, 64, said she and her husband were walking on the boardwalk on the morning of Nov. 7 when a rotting board gave way under her feet and her right leg plunged into the hole, injuring her and trapping

- post by Ben Nadler

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