Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Urban Archaeologists Dive Into History

If you are not already familiar with the wonderful work done by our local Cultural Research Divers, then here's your chance to discover the worlds that been lying beneath us in our waterways for decades.

Gene Ritter and a group of other modern day urban archaeologists provide a valuable service in various programs to educate us through relics of our past.

The Cultural Research Divers website states:
Cultural Research Divers has been bringing our Research Diving programs to schools and other educational venues since 1987. We've been instrumental in many of the positive changes in our community; environmentally, economically, and developmentally. We've brought our discoveries to thousands of children throughout all of New York, in an effort to share our knowledge of the ocean and our love for our historic shorelines.

Working with local and statewide partnerships the organization continue to provide public and private programs to help communities preserve and revitalize our culture by providing a new awareness to the historic and archaeological resources around us.

Yikes sharks!
Take a voyage through their wonderful website full of valuable information, tons of still and moving images along with a visit to marine life in the
Virtual Aquarium.
(Or click shark image to watch video)

Artifacts found at foot of Steeplechase Pier

Image courtesy of researchdivers (

The site even includes a Coney Island page:
The Research Divers have a Coney Island web page because so much of our history comes from this place. As you will see our humble beginnings began in the early 1970's. Come explore with us as we take you back in time to the early years of Marine Science in Brooklyn's Famed Coney Island.

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