Monday, November 26, 2007


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It's Coney 'Ire"-Land [New York Post]
The Unbearable Lightness of Kruger's NIMBYism
[Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn]
The Embers of Gentrification [New York Magazine]
Bklink: Another Coney Trip and Fall [The Gowanus Lounge]
Coney Island, 1913 [Fastlad]
Nuts & bolts of new Coney - Inside Bloomberg’s plan to spur development [Going Coastal]
Democracy Discarded at Coney Island [Brit In Brooklyn]
Manhattan Offices - New York Commercial Real Estate [Manhattan Offices - New York Commercial Real Estate]
More Details About the City’s Plan for Coney Island [Brownstoner]
The New Coney Island [Queens Crap]
City Unveils Plan For Coney Island: Sitt Is Out [OTBKB]
City's Coney plan similar to Thor's [The Real Deal]
City Planning And EDC Announce Comprehensive Coney Rezoning [New York Real Estate]
A Coney Island of the Mind [CitySpecific]


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