Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Coney Island, Welsh Style

The Welsh news site posted an article today about the rise and decline of some of their own beach side amusement areas, such as Barry Island Pleasure Park and Porthcawl's Coney Beach Pleasure Park. The latter park's name clearly shows what the area's inspiration was. Apparently, though, the more immediate comparison these Welsh developers were concerned with was Blackpool, England (which has been previously discussed on Kinetic Carnival). When Princess Margaret asked what Port Talbot was going to be like, she was told "Blackpool or better, Ma'am."

The article is interesting, as it provides a look into a place quite far from Brooklyn, which features some parallel experience. Hopefully, however, the information about Welsh towns in the article is more accurate than the information about Brooklyn. The article erroneously states that, "They've revived America's creaking Coney Island with Las Vegas-style casinos complete with Mob move-in." The casino idea was floated by the city the late 70s, but never came to pass. A Mafia 'move-in' was not part of the proposed plan.

- post by Ben Nadler

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