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Blackpool Dreaming: Brief History, Promising Future

Located along the coast of the Irish Sea, Blackpool is a popular amusement English seaside resort boasts an array of diverse attractions and magnificent appeal. A major tourist center during the 19th century – it’s considered to have enjoyed its heyday from 1900 to 1950.

The name is thought to have come from the fact that a large drainage ran over a peat bog. The water from the drainage spilled into the Irish Sea creating a huge ‘black pool’. Today, Blackpool is mainly dependent on its tourism. Though some suggest it is suffering from a recent drop in tourism.

As a comment to this blog pointed out, Blackpool is having ‘something of a crisis at the moment’. And that the area is lacking quality amenities and attractions. Yet by recent images of Blackpool this hardly seems to be the case. The commenter also indicated that there is no ice skating rink at the foot of a Ferris wheel (0r ‘big wheel’), although it does have both.

However, in order to cope with competition in the tourism industry, the area is being proposed for a few revitalization projects. Recently they were awaiting a decision to allow casinos to operate in Blackpool but the decision by Parliament’s was to allow them in Manchester.

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Now, unlike other old seaside resorts that have remained stagnant, like Coney Island or have been wiped off the map to make way for housing like Rockaway in New York, Blackpool is readying itself for yet another new mega-project – in addition capitalizing on its slower winter season, like what is being planned for Coney Island, they are building a place for Blackpool called Storm City.

It’s a £500m multi-themed indoor entertainment complex on a 30 acre site. Storm City would comprise of a 12,000 seated Arena, four world class hotels, shopping facilities, themed entertainment districts complete with rooftop gardens, and Blackpool’s own version of the London Eye.

A second plan is to revitalize a rundown area and create Talbot Gateway, a £285m Civic Quarter comprising of new office and retail space which will include Talbot Plaza, a public square. Talbot would be built around the main North Railway Station allowing travelers exiting the station to spill onto its new plaza and be confronted with magnificent views of the seafront.

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What’s interesting about Blackpool is that there hasn’t been any mention of private residential components or affordable housing. Which shows urban ventures like these don’t have to come with such financial security and insurance for its developers. They are brave enough to gamble using their imagination as their upper hand.

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Blackpool even has a Steeplechase ride. (below)

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Ride on the Steeplechase roller coaster in this POV of the ride video.

Steeplechase Roller Coaster Blackpool Pleasure Beach England

Roller Coaster POV of Steeplechase at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England. To order Theme Park Review's DVDs click here: note - on-ride footage in this video was taken with permission from the park and filmed by professional ride photographers. Please DO NOT attempt to take video on roller coasters without proper permission from the park as filming on rides can be DANGEROUS!!!

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See how the Blackpool goers know how to have a blast in their loved place in the world in this great little video.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach & Pepsi Max Roller Coaster Video

This one is the same description from the video above.
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