Friday, November 02, 2007

BALLYCAST: Carnival, Sideshow & Burlesque Blog & Podcast

A magician and clown for 25 years who is now an educator and media producer who publishes DVDs and e-books for entertainers and for fans of the carnival and sideshow runs a wonderful blog & podcast filled with everything about the zany world of carnivals, sideshows, and burlesques. It's called BALLYCAST.

Produced and Hosted by Wayne Keyser, in this
podcast episode the feature is a wonderful conversation with James Taylor, writer, historian, and facilitator, publisher of SHOCKED AND AMAZED, co-founder of the American Dime Museum, and genius behind the Palace of Wonders (I think he finally got the formula right). And Kinetic Carnival is tapped as 'website of the week'. (click here to listen)

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