Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Comment Feedback: A Dose of Pro-Thor; And Coney the Hood!

Here's a few comments to the editor found in the Brooklyn Paper regarding positive views for Thor Equities and negative views for those who scorn and ridicule and are passionately opposed to Thor' plan.

Written to the editor:

I was disappointed to hear that Astroland had been given a one-year lease
extension by developer Joe Sitt (“Ride on! Sitt gives Coney Island fave
Astroland a new lease on life,” Oct. 27).

Astroland’s champions do not necessarily have the area’s best interest at heart — and are convincing other naive people that Sitt’s plans can be thwarted if only Astroland remains another season.

This is foolishness. Sitt’s plan will succeed or fail based on whether there is a market for the proposal he’s pushing. Astroland’s future has
nothing to do with it (besides, if Astroland was so intent on staying, why did its owner, Carol Albert, sell her land to Sitt in the first place?).

To be charitable, Astroland is a dump. I’m not saying the city should turn the land over to Disney, but must a theme park be filled with garbage to be considered authentic? Is there no middle ground between Disney and a trash pile?

“Saving” Coney Island means restoring the area as a full-year, exciting amusement attraction that draws tourists from all over the world. Astroland ain’t that.Richard Monstein, Park Slope

Big deal. Astroland has been saved. Now what? [The Brooklyn Paper]

Another comment, this time to Kinetic Carnival from,
MUSCLE13 who writes:

Something that your blog has never addressed is that Coney Island is first and foremost a Brooklyn neighborhood with no year round economy and a huge unemployment rate. You and the the other blogs talk about the character of Coney Island. The reason the CIDC was created, and its mission statement says it very clearly -Mission Statement The Coney Island Development Corporation works to make Coney Island a year-round, world-class recreational oceanfront destination through business development, job creation, new housing, and unique cultural events.
Though Coney is surely a neighborhood, it is also our playground. And that character of Coney describes the spirit of the amusements from its fantastic history to its promising future. That should not be forgotten. It's not just a neighborhood!

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Anonymous said...

Omar - Yes Coney's history is amusements. First and foremost it a neighborhood with major economic problems. The unemployment rate is obscene.

The blogs have put the priority on the character, when the priority should be the people of Coney Island. ITS NOT JUST THE CHARACTER!

Logically you put the year round amusements and create year round entertainment venues (movie theaters, bars, restaurants) and hotels and you solve both issues.

CONEY ISLAND THE NEIGHBORHOOD IS THE #1 ISSUE. Sadly you blogger guys have ignored that. I have very high hopes the CIDC won't ignore that.