Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kruger Watch

An article- first published in Brooklyn View and since reprinted in part on and The Gowanus Lounge has drawn attention to the unusually intense competition for the presidency of the Manhattan Beach Community Group. The two contenders are Dr. Ron Biondo and Ira Zalcman, the group's current president and vice president, respectively. The major point of contention has to do with the proposed privatization of the beach. Rumors have apparently been circulating that connect State Senator Kurger to the situation:
Some members opposed to Biondo, say he has already garnered support from Councilman Mike Nelson and State Senator Carl Kruger. Politicians don't usually get involved with civic groups. State Senator Carl Kruger's office denies his support wholeheartedly. However, members of he community say he and Councilman Mike Nelson are secretly endorsing Biondo. Community residents say Nelson and Kruger are heavily influenced by developers
This last accusation, in particular, is interesting, considering the unanswered questions surrounding Kruger's well funded protest of last week's CIDC meeting.

Beach Drama [Brooklyn View]

- post by Ben Nadler

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