Friday, November 09, 2007

Bloomberg Announces His Plan For a Revitalized Coney Island

After weeks of anticipation, Bloomberg today announced his new plan for Coney Island, a plan which ostensibly "will lead to $2.5 billion in private investment over the next ten years, and create at least 3,000 new permanent jobs and 20,000 construction jobs in this community over the next 30 years"

Essentially, the plan consists of creating three new zoning areas in Coney Island, each one stemming out in their respective direction from the Keyspan Park area, Coney Island West and Coney Island North will both be mixed retail and residential zones. Most excitingly, Coney Island East will be a 21 acre amusement area, containing classic attractions such as the restore B&B Carousel, as well as new, modern amusements. Bloomberg said that he is committed to the legacy of "Coney Island's fabled history as America's first and biggest urban amusement park," but that "rather than focus on the faded glory of Coney Island's past, or the unfulfilled potential of its present, let's look at how we can create a better future."

It is worth noting that the new plan puts a definitive end to Thor Equities' proposed time share/hotel plan, although their large property holdings will still ensure them some role in the shaping of the new Coney Island.

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- post by Ben Nadler

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