Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Coney Island Cuisine: Throughout the Blogosphere, Throughout the Country

A new website has been created which is dedicated entirely to the legacy of the late Big Daddy's on Coney Island Avenue. The restaurant, which had two sister establishments down in Florida- was apparently, "the only 'true' competitor to Nathan's Hot Dogs."

In another incident of online fast food nostalgia, some photos of old 'Coney Island' signage have been posted on Fading Ad, a blog about vintage advertisements and signs. The signs in question, however, are not from Coney Island, Brooklyn, but from George's Coney Island restaurant in Worcester Mass. This is another example of the old American tradition (centered in Detroit, MI, of all places, and stretching throughout the country), of Coney Island restaurants. Considering that the main fare at a 'Coney Island' is chili dogs, the name is by no means coincidental

- post by Ben Nadler


Anonymous said...

Great site on Big Daddy's.

Anonymous said...

looks like more pictures were added to Big Daddy's site.