Friday, June 13, 2008

Boardwalk Blocked And Pier To Close Soon For Repairs

Word comes from our roving 'correspondent' Ruby's Host who tells us that the Coney Island pier could be closed off to the public as early as end of this June. And the boardwalk end of Labor Day.

The city had originally planned to begin repairs on the strip of businesses where Ruby's Bar, Cha Cha's and Lola Staar sit. But after speaking with various owners in a meeting a couple of weeks ago, they decided to start with the pier and then to continue with the remaining parts of the boardwalk right after the Labor Day weekend. The city had advised business operators to close up for the winter on the Tuesday following that weekend to allow for the work to begin.

However Ruby Bar is hoping to stay open until October considering the uncertainty of the city's actual plans since they keep hearing things and things don't happen.

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