Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coney Public Scoping Meeting Turns It Up

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Mostly headed by performance/activist Reverend Billy, the Coney Island Public Scoping Meeting was a bit livelier with "Coney-lujah" praises including the night's theme song by Amos Wengler. Though there were many supporters to the city's plan to redevelop Coney Island despite a much smaller amusement core, there were many outspoken opposers. Dick Zigun, former board director of the Coney Island Development Corporation, who announced his resignation which took affect the night of the meeting, accuses the new plan of defining entertainment as a video game simulation for a fancy Radio Shack store, giant piano keys for a Toys R Us, and a rock climbing wall for a Niketown.

As reported by the AM New York

“Two months ago, the process broke down,” he said. “I didn’t change my mind on the plan; the city gutted our plan. I didn’t leave the CIDC; the CIDC left me.”

“Who is this plan for?” asked Savitri D., the Memaid Parade queen who had been on a hunger strike since Saturday to protest the proposal. “Is it for a developer? Is it for an elected’s legacy? Is it for an elected’s pocket? Because I don’t see the people of Coney Island in very many of these drawings.”

The City and the CIDC, however continued defending the plan. The NY1 writes:

"It's certainly an important part of the public process for zoning. So I'm actually glad that people came out tonight so that we can hear their opinions and modify the scope accordingly," said Lynn Kelly of Coney Island Development Corporation.

See the NY1 Video here.

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