Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New Stores Show Signs Of Life Not Death For Coney

A bevy of small businesses have been opening up in Coney Island this year despite what many think is the ‘real’ last year of Coney Island. They all said it last year but now they’re saying it this year. But with Coney Island’s vital spirit - despite Astoland’s possible ‘real’ last year – the area surely doesn’t seem like it’s going to be swept away with the last tide of the season.

The New York Daily News reports:

The A beachside bar and the first restaurants and chic
clothing shops to grace Coney Island in a decade have popped up across the neighborhood, many in long-vacant storefronts.

"This kind of indicates the interest in the area, and that we're on the way to new heights," Reichenthal said, adding that he's received calls from White Castle, several movie theaters and a lot of restaurants interested in expanding to the area.

Surf Cafe, a jerk chicken spot called Bigga-Jerkey and Suzie Q's, all Surf Ave.-based restaurants, have opened within the last three weeks, while Zoo York, a skateboard and clothing store, is set to open on Bowery St. in weeks.

Surf Cafe, Suzie Q's and Bigga-Jerkey are housed in Surf Ave. buildings owned by Thor, and are operating without leases through the season.

"My brother owns the
Surf and Turf, so I figured I would try something of my
own," said Chris Maraio, who owns Suzie Q's. "I love Coney Island and just like
to work here. We have to see what this summer brings, but would love to come

Image courtesy of Tracy (NY Daily News)

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