Friday, June 27, 2008

Derelict Building Ready To Be Demolished Along Stillwell Ave

Found to be ready for demolition by Coney Island USA message poster Coney_Islander, this old decaying building located on 2864 Stillwell Avenue between Mermaid and Neptune Avenues has been practically crumbling on its own. It has been abandoned for many years.

Dick Zigun posts:

It is a wooden residential building on Stillwell that has been derelict and unused for years. Sorta nice but pretty far gone. They will also demolish another building in similar bad condition directly behind it. Wouldn't surprise me if the demolitions was the first step in putting up a new residential bldg on the site. Better there then south of Surf Avenue.

Photos courtesy Screwtape (CIUSA message board poster)

Follow the discussion on the Coney Island USA message board where Mr. Zigun asks Charlie Denson what this building demolished were. Where they small hotels or rooming houses and did they once have names?

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