Friday, June 27, 2008

Charles Denson Speech At Coney Scoping Meeting

Here is Charles Denson speaking at the 2nd Public Scoping Meeting. The Coney Island Development Corporation (well not all its member directors) and the City has taken their time to develop this plan and has also taken the time to present their case at the public meeting. A time limit for the public to speak sounds fair for the flow of the evening. However there should not have been a time limit for individuals like Dick Zigun and Charles Denson. It is unfortunate and sad to see how the moderator was adamant in not letting Mr. Denson finish his speech. He even stood up and demand Mr. Denson step away from the microphone. This is unfair and does not seem to reflect the purpose of a public scoping meeting.

Charles Denson Speech At Coney Scoping Meeting

2nd Scoping Meeting held by the CIDC and the City to hear public opinion the now revised plan that many feel does not represent the Coney Island character and spirit because it turns Coney Island into a corporate retail every-where-else America.

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