Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ConeyLove: A New Coney Blog

Here's a new Coney blog that started March 11th of this year by Scott. It's called ConeyLove and it was started by a child of two Coney lovers who fell in love there.

ConeyLove writes:

Last weekend I went with my girlfriend Nicole to Lola Staar / Dianna's roller-rink benefit party at Peggy O'Neils, and then we headed to the Burlesque show Lucha Muertes Atomicos #3 at the sideshow. Both were incredibly awesome, and completely different from one another. Jo Boobs performed her fan dance at the benefit party, and Scott Baker was on hand to keep everyone laughing with slightly off-color jokes. And the burlesque show was full of surprises and rowdy entertainment including a masked man with a mysterious mustache (hmmm) who jumped off a ladder onto broken glass...

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