Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cyclone Dangerous?

Though no one has actually died while riding the Cyclone it sure has damaged a few souls and even fatally killed one days after riding it. According to the report in the New York Post, the Cylcone roller coaster is a backbreaker.

The New York Post writes:

There were at least seven incidents last summer in which riders suffered serious back and neck injuries, records show.

At least two lawsuits stemming from the incidents have been filed, including one demanding $1 million. But the ride's operator, Carole Albert, has quietly worked to settle the suits, insisting on ironclad confidentiality agreements, a source said.

Can and will the Cyclone drop slower? Could a few more incidents and even related deaths put the landmark ride to sleep forever? Ikes!


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Anonymous said...

more garbage stories by rich calder in ny post courtesy of thor pr man stefan friedman ex post reporter.
nice try to shut down the cyclone?
blogs should question this, not just post it