Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Official Word" From Ruby's Building Inspector is "GO"!

While not much on the the condition of the man who, a couple of weeks ago, fell through the floor and into a 'shitless' murk of dirt and cobwebs below, has been heard of, the hole in the floor at Ruby's Bar has been fixed

For those interested in the info specs on Ruby's Bar & Grill on the Coney Island boardwalk some insight comes to us in an e-mail from Ruby's Host of

Here is one of the e-mails:

Update on Ruby's - they have not opened yet - hopefully later today. The inside will be slightly modified. One of the structural beams under the men's bathroom is weak - the floor is fixed - except for the beam. They need to put another beam underneath for support and to help reinforce the new floor.

The building inspector gave them specifications to build a small wall partition that will close off part of the back (see pictures) - including the girl's bathroom. They are hoping to open today after the inspection this morning, but with no access to the bathrooms and mainly limited outside seating. Ruby's has been closed due to on going construction for the support beams as well as for building the small wall inside.

This brings up another problem that has been occurring every weekend on the boardwalk. The bathhouses are suppose to be open till 8 pm or later now that we are in the"official season". They have been getting closed at 7:30. This is causing a major problem since Cha Cha's is the only place left for facilities now and everything is still open. Chas Cha's is a 21-and-older club with live music and reserves the restrooms for customers only. We are encouraging people to call 311 and ask for the
Parks Department complaint number to report the bathrooms closing early.

That is all I have so far today- heading up soon to check in with Michael.

- Ruby's Host

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