Monday, June 23, 2008

KC Chat With Hunger Striking Savitri D

Savitri D went under the username coneyislandmermaid. Chatter is another person who commented.

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KC: Good morning - you look in good spirits this morning

coneyislandmermaid: Thanks yes I slept!

KC: Is this the first time you put yourself through this kind of thing for a protest?

coneyislandmermaid: Yeah I have never fasted like this or lived in a window before, I have fasted before with juice and maple syrup but never just water and never with this other value

KC: Sorry to bring up food but have you planned what and where you'll eat when the fast is over?

coneyislandmermaid: no i was thinking a smoothi first, then I will probably crave something a bit stronger

KC: Sounds good. Do you believe with the opposition the city has received through Zigun’s resignation, the recent Save Coney rallies, your hunger strike, and tomorrow’s most likely huge turnout, that it will be enough to sway the city into rethinking it’s strategy?

coneyislandmermaid: I think we have to make a very strong showing tomorrow, we have to love Coney Island on the record, send a signal that we are game and passionate and ready to fight for a long time

KC: It seems that the city doesn’t quite know how to define the character of Coney and what kind of 'entertainment' belongs here. Do you agree that we (all who want to save Coney) need to do a better job to help,, specifically define that for them - instead of just opposing every plan that comes from them and the developers?

coneyislandmermaid: Yes absolutely some development, some change is inevitable, I think we have to be realistic but that doesn't mean we have to surrender to a complete makeover, a totalizing change that doesn't do anyone any good, because the reason people come here is because it's special - if it looks like Houston then who cares. Its a long ride on the F train just to get to here. I think it's critical to build a protection for independent business and support the local economy. The minute you let the chains in here it's over

Chatter: Charlie Denson is the man who has the city's ear.

coneyislandmermaid: I expect him to represent the neighborhood well tomorrow night.

coneyislandmermaid: Yes he knows everything about this place.
He's the true hope, the one who has the influence. He and i are going on Brian Lehrer in about an hour.

KC: I agree. And that's tough because the city and past administrations have never thought like that when it comes to 'revitalizing' a part of the city. Also with the weakened economy it's difficult for independent biz to thrive. But you're right - the city needs to work towards aiding them and attracting the small biz to function here.

Chatter: We have to be clear on one thing though; Coney island has had chains in its history. the space you are in right now was a subway sandwhich shop.

Chatter: Carvel was next to the El Dorado bumper cars, Mcdonalds was on the boardwalk, Kentucky Fried Chicken was on the boardwalk.

coneyislandmermaid: Small businesses have been weathering this economic storm better than the big ones, because they are more flexible and adaptive. NYC has a real decision to make about local business, we can pretend that big stores and little stores are all playing an a free market game but the game is rigged - big boxes receive millions in subsidies etc...

Chatter: One thing that many of these chains have failed and places like Ruby's and Gregory and Paul's, on the boardwalk, have been around a long time.

coneyislandmermaid: i know there have been chains her in the past, but nothing like what you will see with this development, and those fast food places tend to be franchises as well which means at least some of the money stay local, Im talking about Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, Toys R Us, these are huge multi national stores and they don't play nice.

Chatter: Sstarbucks is creeping in, they are on cropsey ave only a mile away!

coneyislandmermaid: Yeah it's interesting--why do the local shops thrive here and the chains come and go?*

: Because chain food is awful

KC: Well I'm looking forward to hearing you at the meeting and getting this across to the city.

coneyislandmermaid: Thanks for coming around! See you at the meeting.

KC: And we appreciate what you're doing and what you've done before for what's best for this city.

coneyislandmermaid: I LOVE NEW YORK SO MUCH!

KC: thanks!


Anonymous said...

is coneyislandmermaid and Poster the same person. if not who is poster? another person who posted during the chat? I'm confused

Omar Robau said...

Thanks I cleared it up and changed the other person to Chatter. The original name was ConeyIsland, so I didn't what that to be even more confusing.


Anonymous said...

whatever. i live right near coney island, grew up in the area. i hate the fact that there is no good shopping, no nice coffeehouses, no bistros and no wine bars (or even a decent wine shop), no organic food stores. i think almost anything we don't have that we'll be getting is fine. i hate the empty garbage-stewn lots, the dilapidated houses, the graffiti, the cracked out characters hanging outside of delis. it would be nice to go out in the neighborhood without hauling ass to park slope or the village all year round. it would be nice to have neighbors with college degrees who are not insulated in the russian universe. a 24 hour diner would be spectacular. the silent majority, believe it or not, wants new services and expanded entertainment. you want rundown? go to trenton, and let the neighborhood fulfill its potential as a source of revenue that the city so gravely needs. and also: if you don't live in the neighborhood, save your yelling for your own nabe, and let the locals debate gentrification.