Monday, June 30, 2008

City Zones In To Color Their 9 Acres For You

With rendering after rending Coney Island 'visionaries' have been presenting to the public new sketches and drawings. Each have come more muddled then the one before. All except for the city's (Bloomberg's) plans presented last November, which have showed, thus far, the most reasonable and somewhat fair plan able to do justice to a realistic functionality of a huge redevelopment, while preserving the largest possible amusement area. But now that the city has made some swift behind-the-curtain changes to the plan and shrinking the amusements to a mere nine acres, they have given us a muddled water color view of street level amusements that look generically carnivalesque yet without the name brand establishments they have stated the new Coney (retail) entertainment will consist of.

Here a a couple of watercolor renderings presented at the last public Scoping meeting this past Tuesday, June 24th.

New York Observer reports:

All goes without saying that renderings are a crucial tool in the battle to win public support for development projects in the city. The last batch made by the city, now somewhat obsolete given that the plan has since been modified, emphasized rides and roller coasters, whereas this time the city seems to be trying to stress the street-level vitality that could come as a result of the plan.

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