Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Hoopla Over Zigun’s Squatting

Though many within the circles of Coney have either wondered or knew about Dick Zigun, founder of the Coney Island USA, living at the CIUSA building for many years, it has now been made public due to what some (including Zigun) feel is a smear campaign by Thor Equities.

This following
Zigun’s resignation-in-protest to the Coney Island Development Corporation’s changes to shrink the amusement core surely smells of something stenchy. But no surprise to the the way it's always been played from the underbelly of Coney Island.

Especially after the purchase of the CIUSA building with help from the city, Mr. Zigun could have been more careful, but any kind of “smear” towards Zigun’s ‘
squatting’ in the building on a pull-out couch in his office could probably prove ineffective.

Yes, technically it could be in violation of the funding agreement with the city, but taking away the remaining $2.4 million, in city money, that the CIUSA is planning to use to buy another building in Coney Island could be a far worse violation to the community by denying them the programs and events the organization would produce.

You can follow the discussion on the
CIUSA message board

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