Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fab New Look For Coney Island History Project's Website

The Coney Island History Project has revamped their website with a great new look along with many more updates.

The Coney Island History Project website has many marvelous updates! First of all, there's a fabulous new home page, with boxes that change color when you scroll your mouse over them like a carnival game. The home page also has a link to the CIHP's new flickr photostream. It's in the same box as the MySpace link. The flickr site was conceived as a visual diary of visitors and activities at the exhibition center.

Updates include a new and nicer collections search. At the bottom of the search page you can find a rotating display of Featured Items from the Collection including most recent searches. You can search from :
postcards, tilyou, tilyou portrait, the whip, elephant hotel, Roller coasters, Stauch's, magic carpet, mermaid, carousel horses

They have also modified the Photo Gallery and Hall of Fame as well as an events calendar which includes archived events. And coming soon: more info on the Coney Island Amusement Icon exhibit which starts this month and runs to September.

Last but not least the Ask Mr. Coney section was upgraded and a new answer from Mr. Coney added:
Remembering Ravenhall’s June 12th, 2008

What became of the swimming pool known as raven hall? I remember passing it on my way to the beach. Wasn’t it a salt water pool with access to the beach from the swimming pool through a gate near the boardwalk? I remember dancing under the boardwalk at Bay 12 . What a great time back in the early 50’s. — Joan

Image courtesy of the Coney Island History Project collection
(click image for larger view)

There's more to view at the CIHP collection like wonderful advertisement brochures that were produced by the Coney Island Chamber of Commerce. It's all worth more than a gander for all those Coney Island lovers.

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