Friday, June 20, 2008

Coney Island Wishing!

New York news guy, George Weber, who's been broadcasting for more than a decade on WABC stations cries out for someone to think out of the box and save Coney Island from something it ain't supposed to be. He also says he's spoken to a Disney Park Development person about Disney stepping in to save Coney. It's known, or speculated, that the Disney Company has given it a slight thought but hesitated.

George Weber the news guy writes:
About eight years ago, while working for WABC, I had the opportunity to have an email conversation with the man in charge of theme park development for the Walt Disney Company, which owned our radio station. I suggested to him that Disney should consider resurrecting the dying amusement park

Like it or not, they did it to Times Square and they could easily do it to Coney Island. They call themselves Imaginears (get it, think Mickey), but unfortunately, they're not being very imaginative when it comes to Coney Island. Someone needs to step up to the plate and think out of the box and make this place as magical as it was for a little kid growing up in the roaring 20's.

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