Monday, January 21, 2008

Capone's Coney Connection

The Brooklyn Today section of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle has one again provided a fascinating piece of Coney Island historical trivia. According to the Eagle, Capone "worked for mobster Frankie Yale at Yale's Coney Island restaurant, and it was there that he committed his first murder."

Further research shows that the restaurant in question was the Harvard Inn, and that it was at the Harvard Inn that Capone received the facial the scars which earned him the lifelong nickname 'Scarface.'

According to the website,
My Al Capone Museum, "The Harvard inn was a two story building situated on Seaside Walk, between the Bowery and the Beach at Coney Island. The Harvard Inn was destroyed by fire at 2:30 Am on
January 24,1925."

Brooklyn Today: Thursday, January 17, 2008 [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
Frankie Yale [My Al Capone Museum]

- post by Ben Nadler


Lucus said...

it was actually Lucky Luciano that left him with the scars on his face when he made an attempt on capone's life.

Anonymous said...

No it was Frank Galluccio in 1917 after Capone leans over to Lena (his sister) and tells her "Honey, you got a nice as* and i mean that as a compliment.

Unknown said...

No it was acctually Frank Galluccio
Capone speeks to Lena (his sister) and tells her "Honey, you got a nice ass and i mean that as a compliment.