Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is New York City?

Last year, the Bloomberg administration launched 'This is New York City,' an international marketing campaign geared at bringing more tourist dollars to the city.

City Rag points out, those of us who live here never actually get to see how the City is presented in these ads. Luckily for us, the ad (like everything else) can be viewed on You Tube.

This Is New York City

The ad is surprisingly bizarre. New York is presented inaccurately, offensively, and very charmingly as a goofy cartoon land.

Coney Island appears at the 20 second mark, and features what appear to be giant flying hotdogs with passenger cars dangling below them floating past the wonder wheel.

This is New York City [You Tube (thisisnewyorkcity)]
New York City, Just Like Disney World [City Rag]

- post by Ben Nadler

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