Monday, January 07, 2008

The Phantom Comes To Coney

Coney Island has been immortalized in almost every form of popular art and entertainment. It has been the setting for films ranging from Edison's early shorts to the legendary gang adventure "The Warriors". It has held a titular place in records like Lou Reed's 'Coney Island Baby', and in comic books like 'The Pirates of Coney Island.' According to the New York Newsday, Coney Island will now also be featured in a Broadway Musical:

London newspapers reported over the holidays that Tony-winning director Jack O'Brien ("The Coast of Utopia") has signed on to direct the sequel to Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera," bringing the long-rumored show that much closer to reality.

"Phantom in Manhattan" will borrow its story from the 2000 book of the same name by English author and political commentator Frederick Forsyth ("The Day of the Jackal"). The sequel is set 15 years after the events depicted in the first show, with the disfigured genius slipping away to New York and setting up shop amid the fairgrounds of Coney Island.

Coney Island makes perfect sense for sideshow freak like the Phantom of the Opera. The only question is, if he's living in Coney Island, why isn't the title, 'The Phantom in Brooklyn'?

A 'Phantom' in Coney? Hot dog [Newsday]

- post by Ben Nadler

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