Thursday, January 03, 2008

Coney Events: Rockinghams LIVE again at the Surf & Turf

For the third time, the Rockinghams jam and groove at The Coney Island Surf & Turf Bar & Grill. So, if you haven't seen them - don't miss them. If you have - come enjoy them again.

Hop on over and kick back to the groove of the oldies at
Coney Island Surf & Turf Grill as the fab and far out band The Rockinghams, pay tribute to sixties. They'll take you through a wondrous decade playing many of the old favorite hits, near misses, and forgotten gems with the harmonies, arrangements, and energy that are an inextricable part of these classic songs.

Click on the
Rockinghams website to watch a samplings of their videos or their MySpace to hear a few of their songs.

Rockinghams LIVE at the Surf & Turf Grill
Saturday, January 5, 2007

at the Coney Island Surf N' Turf Bar & Grill
1315 Surf Avenue
Coney Island, Brooklyn
across from Nathan's Famous
9pm to midnight
call 718-513-6491 for info!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Rockinghams are a great fun band.
Plan on getting there around 8 pm.
Surf n Turf has excellent food at great prices and family friendly.