Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Daily News Shows The Cyclone Some Love

Image from NY Daily News

New York Daily News included an ode to the Cyclone penned by staff writer Joyce Shelby. This article quotes from a previous Daily News article, which ran last year on the Cycone's 80th birthday. It is unclear why the Daily News chose to run another Cyclone write up now. Maybe they just wanted to let everyone know that, "It's still the scariest 1 minute and 50 seconds in town." Maybe they wanted to quell any redevelopment related anxiety:

The future of Coney Island may be up in the air, but those who ride the Cyclone have nothing to fear. The beloved ride is safe. It got National Historic Landmark status in 1991, when it turned 64.
Or maybe, like so many others (including the
American Coaster Enthusiasts), the Daily News just really loves the Cyclone.

Over the hill in the best way [Daily News]
- post by Ben Nadler

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