Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Long and Broken Boardwalk

Today's Gowanus Lounge featured a photo of a very gnarly (but not terribly atypical) section of damaged boardwalk:

With Coney Island in the news this week because of theatrics at the public presentation of the city's proposed zoning changes and plans, we thought we'd turn our attention again to the subject of the disgraceful condition of the boardwalk itself. We've focused on it from time to time over the last two years, and it is more deteriorated than ever. The image above is actually from Brighton Beach, where the boardwalk is in relatively pristine shape compared to the ratty condition of more heavily used parts in Coney Island. Yet, clearly these people-eating craters can appear anywhere.

Some of the issues we deal with here at Kinetic Carnival deal solely with the Coney Island amusement area, while others deal with the broader Coney Island neighborhood. This snapshot from Brighton Beach is a reminder that the issue of boardwalk upkeep and repair is one that effects not only the amusement area or the broader neighborhood, but most of the entire geographic area of the Coney Island peninsula.

Brighton Beach Boardwalk Just as Crappy in Places as Coney's [Gowanus Lounge]
Image courtesy of The Gowanus Lounge

- post by Ben Nadler

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That absurdly gaping hole was featured in my video documentary on the boardwalk: