Saturday, January 05, 2008

City Picks Steeplechase Plaza Design Firm

This past Thursday the city announced that they have chosen the firm that will design the Steeplechase Plaza.

New York Daily News writes:

The 2.2-acre site, which will eventually house the restored B&B Carousel, also could include an amusement ride and an observation deck for viewing Brooklyn Cyclones games.

"The idea is to do this in a new and innovative way while retaining a little of that grittiness and fun that everybody equates to the iconic Coney Island," said Timothy Delorm of EDAW, the design firm tapped to reinvent the long vacant patch of grass near the Boardwalk.

Over 864 design teams from across the globe had submitted their work for a design competition in 2004. No word on what happened with the winner of that competition. However, this one is planned to include a water park, open-air stage and restaurants in and around a glassy, multilevel pavilion, said officials, according to the Daily News.

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