Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jimmy Prince in the Post

Tuesday's New York Post a profile on butcher Jimmy Prince, who has been at the Major Prime Meat Market on Mermaid for almost sixty years. The article describes him as:

a 76-year-old in a tie and an apron with a preturnaturally boyish glow. A platonic version of the old-school shopkeeper who knows everyone's name, he seems constitutionally incapable of completing an interaction without a smile, a quip, a treat for a child or an inquiry after someone's sister.

It's great to see the Post taking the time and space to recognize a classic Coney Island character. The article also describes Prince as, "one of the now-reviving neighborhood's biggest boosters, full of hope for its future." Anyone who has seen the museum that Prince has made of his store window, or heard his encouraging words at this month's Community Information Sessions, knows that this is true.


photo courtesy of the NY Post
- post by Ben Nadler

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