Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Now You Can Watch The 'Save Coney Island' Music Video

If case you haven't seen the "Save Coney Island" Music Video by Amos Wengler, it's now on YouTube and on MySpace for viewing. The music video was directed by John D'Aquino who also produced and engineered the song. Credits for the song are listed below.

Save Coney Island

Music Video for Amos Wenglers "Save Coney Island"
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chdny29 [YouTube]

Credits for "Save Coney Island" song:
Written and Performed by Amos Wengler
Produced and engineered by: John D'Aquino
additional engineered by Jon Reyes
Piano, Harps, Backup Vocals: Devin Ratray

Back Up Vocals: Valeris Gentile, Capri Djatiasmoro
Percussion: Kevin Conroy
Mixed and Mastered by: Rudyard Lee Cullers
vocals: C.J. Glicksman, Ivy Haneline, Alley Scharf, Risa Scharf
Tracking Facilities: CHDpost @ Professional Sound Services
Mixing Facilities: Stratosphere Sound
Graphic Design: Dennis Thomas

Special Thanks: Tom Quad, Thomas Cestare, Allison Kier, Steve Hayes, Kathrina Miccio, Matt Isreal, John Sember, Andy Melynk, Lara Green, Harune Massey, Jared Roybal, Tim Naylor, Justine Topham, Lauren Flannigan, Lola Staar, Peter Lipera, Deno's Amusement Park, Steve's Grill, Surf and Turf, The Coney Island Polar Bear Club, The New York Aquarium, Moving Images.

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