Thursday, January 03, 2008

Video of Kinetic Carnival's Ben Nadler On The Brian Lehrer Show

Ben Nadler who has been writing for Kinetic Carnival since early October is not just a guest blogger, Ben has stayed on as a writer for the blog.

His appearance on the Brian Lehrer TV show can be viewed
here. The segment was originally aired live on December 5, 2007 and on the video begins at 45:00. (RealPlayer required).

As noted on his introduction, Ben is a writer who currently lives in Jersey City, though he hopes to make the move back to Brooklyn as soon as possible. Thanks to his father and grandfather (who worked at Nathan's in the 1930s), Ben grew up believing that a Nathan's hot dog is the most nutritional of all foods.

Brian Lehrer Live: “It’s the money, stupid!” $$ in national politics and in local development [CUNY TV 75]

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