Monday, June 02, 2008

'Ruby's Host' Gives Us The UnDirt On Ruby's

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This past week the blogs reported on the messy incident that occurred at Ruby's Bar on the Coney Island boardwalk. The man who fell through the floor ten feet into the dark lower level of the bar was not covered in shit.

Di, "
Ruby's Host" on Flickr has been sending out e-mails to the press regarding the issue. Here is an excerpt an one of here emails to Kinetic Carnival.

Excerpts from Dianne’s (Ruby’s Host) email to Kinetic Carnival:

As you know – last Saturday evening the floor of Ruby’s partially collapsed in the men’s bathroom while someone was using the urinal. It was about a 10' drop to the bar underneath. Some may or may not know that the bar underneath was a full hoppin’ bar at one time. Last year a few of us were down there salvage a few old signs. The downstairs bar has been closed for more than thirty five years. There are still bar old stools, equipment, refrigerators, grills, and all kinds of stuff. Thank goodness when the man feel it was in the back part - in a corner where there is nothing but the dirt floor. (no shit). Also a ton of cobwebs, etc. My friend Michael got a ladder and went down to help the man as the FDNY & Paramedics showed up. The NYPD also showed to help along with security. After everything was assessed Ruby’s was closed for the night. Ruby’s was told since the collapse was in the very back – the outside seating could remain open for the holiday along with a small part of the bar. Fortunately, the lady’s restroom was redone last October, 2007 - before closing for the winter season. The men’s restroom was due to be completed this year. As well all already know, the good part of the story is that Ruby’s is splitting the cost of the floor with the landlord; Mr. Sitt. Shocking huh? Mr. Sitt along with Michael-Melody & Cindy (the owners) want Ruby’s to remain open so he is helping pay for the floor as well as sending an engineer as required now by the building inspector. Ruby’s opened this weekend. It still early enough in the season that it should work out and they should not loose too much money. The good part is that Mr. Sitt wants Ruby’s to stay, so hopefully that is a good sign of things to come and maybe that strip of stores can remain on the boardwalk. We know we have a couple more years at least - maybe even forever!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I hadn't heard about this, and it's nice to see that the people at Ruby's are addressing the issue (and with Sitt's help!). But the thing that concerns me about her response is that there is little mention of the man's condition, except that he was not, in fact, covered in shit. Is he okay? Did the cobwebs and dirt floor sufficiently break his fall? It would've been nice if, in their public statement, they expressed some concern for the man.