Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another New Coney Blog: 'Coney Island'

Well it looks like Coney sites are breeding like Coney/konijn rabits. Egulvision, a poster on the Coney Island USA message board has started a new blog called: "Coney Island".

The new blog says:

This blog will capture the essence of Coney Island from its early days to present (not necessarily in chronological order) with captions, memories and expressions of what Coney Island means as a seaside attraction in Brooklyn, NY. and the world.

The first post on January 23rd gives a brief rundown of some Coney history including the Thunderbolt, which in the image below, seems like a view through the beach jetty's gives us a glimpse into the past as the Thunderbolt's ghostly appearance resurfaces.

Image courtesy of egulvision (Coney Island)

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