Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Cyclones Of Baracklyn, New York

The Brooklyn Cyclones are celebrating the swearing in of the new US prez, Barack Obama by giving away "universal healthcare" (in the form of band-aids), two free tickets to any guy named Joe (only plumbers named Joe, of course), and other free-bees like bleacher seats for folks with surnames of: McCaine or Palin. And of course to a lucky few, the got-to-have-it Baracklyn Cyclone's Barack Obama Bobblehead Doll. All this when purchasing tickets from inauguration day through January 23rd.

The Brooklyn Paper writes: Unlike the outgoing Commander-in-Chief, the Cyclones even have an "exit strategy": each fan will get a free star-spangled banner on his way out of the stadium.

Meet The Baracklyn Cyclones [The Brooklyn Paper]

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